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Archive for March, 2013

Easter Weekend is HERE!!!

Posted by on March 28th 2013 in Blog Posts About our Torquay Hotel

Meadfoot Beach Torquay - Meadfoot Bay Hotel Torquay

Happy Easter everybody!!!

With the weather being the complete opposite to last year there was a fear it may have put visitors off coming to Torquay. Like we normally do we have escaped the snow and rain and today has been a stunning day with lots of sunshine, the perfect weather for our guests who are checking in today.

There is so much happening this weekend in Torquay and here are a few little things to check out.

1) The 1940's Blackout Tour at Greenway

2) Easter Egg hunts around the Bay at...

Opening Day 2013

Posted by on March 22nd 2013 in Blog Posts About our Torquay Hotel

Torquay Hotel Luxury | Meadfoot Bay Hotel

Opening Day here at The Meadfoot Bay Hotel in Torquay. Shame that the weather is not being kind to us today but wit a drier day forecasted for tomorrow I am hopeful for a great opening weekend here in Torquay.

A steady start here to 2013 with the hotel looking fantastic in my biased opinion of course! :)

Coming down for the weekend?  If so here are a few things on this weekend:

1) Poets Friday @ Cockington Court Craft Centre

2) Joe Brown in Concert at The Princess Theatre

There are also...