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Video of our Signature Suite and our Torquay May Update

Posted on May 18th 2013 by

Saturday the 18th May and the sun is shining!!!

Now I have announced that I just wanted to give you insight to what a night in Torquay could possibly be like if you wanted a suggestion. We of course have our what's on page as a quick reference but instead of listing just events I think it is important to mention some of the amazing businesses in and around Torquay.

Last night a couple in the bar were telling me about their day and I must admit I was incredibly jealous. It went a little something like this.

1) Woke up and had an amazing breakfast (of course) at The Meadfoot Bay Hotel in Torquay (+Meadfoot Bay Hotel Torquay)  :)

2) Walked to Cockington Village where they explored the gardens and tea rooms and indulged in a cream tea.

3) Headed back direction harbour and saw some dolphins playing in the Bay

4) Had a light bite on the harbour and a beer at The Offshore Cafe before taking a walk back to the Hotel to get ready for their evening meal and to have a pre-dinner drink in the hotel bar (served by yours truly)

5) Headed into town where they ate in "The Room" at The Elephant restaurant and had a fantastic meal at Torquay's Michelin Star restaurant.

6) Came and enjoyed a drink in the hotel bar and then went back to their room which is our brand new Signature Suite with Terrace.

I would have been very happy with that day for sure and if you are coming to Torquay definately a day out that I can recommend.

Here is our brand new video of one of Suites - The Signature Suite with Terrace

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