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Archive for October, 2013

Halloween and November 2013 Update

Posted by on October 30th 2013 in Blog Posts About our Torquay Hotel

Halloween in our Torquay Hotel

The season for many hotels in Torquay is coming to an end as Halloween approaches and the half term comes to an end. We are now half way through the half term week and Torquay is still really busy which is fantastic to see.

Walking through the town today I was surprised at how many new shops and cafe's, restaurants and bars have opened over this year. I very rarely get out of the hotel to go into town much over the season as we try and do most things by ourselves to ensure the quality and finish is...

22 Degrees in October!!!

Posted by on October 4th 2013 in Blog Posts About our Torquay Hotel

Meadfoot Beach in Torquay near The Meadfoot Bay Hotel

We zoom into October and although the shops are already promoting Christmas it seriously feels more like Summer here in Torquay. It was 22 Degrees today with many people walking around in their summer clothes and if the nights were not drawing in earlier each day I would have thought it was still Summer. This is of course great for Torquay as the town has stayed really busy with this weekend again being another sell out.

We have just had the Agatha Christie festival finish and it was a phenomenal success. A massive congratulations has to go out...