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To Book a Hotel Room Late or Early?

Posted on April 10th 2014 by

Is it best to book a late room in Torquay or in advance? This is a question I am constantly being asked so I thought I would give a bit of insight into how the booking trend is changing and how to get the best deal.

Booking your hotel room late has often been regarded as the best way to score a great deal but this is no longer the case. Remember when it used to be cheaper to grab a cheap last minute flight? Yes well that is also pretty rare these days. If you do a search for flights you will notice that the prices of the seats go up as you get closer to the departure date. This has led to the hotel industry taking notice and although the change has not taken a complete hold YET we are seeing more and more special offers that offer the best discount for booking a hotel room in advance against booking a room late and the best deals can also often be found if you book direct with the hotel.

You can look at many reasons why the airline industry have managed to do this so effectively but it really has a lot to do with the fact that it benefits the airlines to know the demand for the flight so they can alter the price of the flight accordingly. This has also been helped by an increasing demand from employers who are requesting holiday allowance to be booked in for the year ahead so we all are having to gamble a little bit more when booking our time off with how the weather is going to turn out. There are of course still a lot of people who like to see what the weather will be doing before booking their break away but as most people do not have this luxury and already have their dates booked off work it makes sense to grab the best deal available to them and the best deals are now by booking early and by booking direct.

We here at The Meadfoot Bay Hotel in Torquay have found that our advanced rate offer is the most popular with our guests. Not only because by booking direct with us they get the best deal but also because by booking early you can get the exact hotel room that you want. With being a smaller hotel in Torquay we have a selection of different room types often with our Suites being the first to be sold so if a guest leaves it late to book their Torquay hotel room then often you will not have this luxury of choosing the one you really wanted

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