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A Perfect Day Out in Torquay...

Posted on April 30th 2015 by

A Perfect Day in Torquay….

We all love different things and how we like to spend our time off, that’s what makes the world beautiful. I wanted to share the day I had the other day incase anyone visiting Torquay and Devon needed any suggestions as to what to see and do in our stunning surroundings.

April has been incredibly busy for us here at The Meadfoot Bay and we have recorded our best ever April in 10 years of running our small family run bed and breakfast in Torquay. There was a gap in our bookings that enabled me to take a bit of down time and recover so I decided to visit a few of my favourite places. I am a morning guy (probably influenced by being conditioned to wake up at 5.30 every morning to prepare our award winning breakfast) and took full advantage of the most beautiful sunrise down at the view point at Meadfoot Beach. With nobody about the scene was spectacular seeing the sun rise over the hills and then in turn over Thatchers Rock. The only sounds I could hear were the sweeping waves arriving on shore and the birds singing to themselves. Meadfoot Beach as many of you will know who follow my updates on Social Media is such a special place to me and in my opinion one of Torbay’s truly hidden gems. 

I returned to the hotel to provide our wonderful guests with their morning breakfast before heading out for the day. I decided to go to Babbacombe for the morning as I love the dramatic views across the Bay (although Meadfoot is still my favourite of course) and had lunch at Angels Tea Rooms. Unfortunately they do not have a website but for extra info and contact information see The food was fantastic as well as the tea and coffee of course and is somewhere I highly recommend for our guests to visit. 

I jumped in my car and started driving. I wasn’t really too sure where I wanted to go to be honest as I had so many great options whether it was to stay in Torquay, head to Anstey’s Cove, Paignton, Goodrington or Brixham but as I continued on I decided I wanted to go to Dartmouth for the day. Dartmouth is a fantastic place to visit and never fails to impress. There are so many great little craft shops as well as more established shops sitting along side some fantastic restaurants, cafe’s and bars. I stopped in at Saveurs for coffee and cake and it was truly phenomenal! The choice is fantastic and had I not been so full up from Angels in Babbacombe I would definitely have sampled more of the delicious looking food and cake! For more information on Saveurs see their website To burn off the indulgence of the last few hours I spent a couple of hours walking around the Dartmouth and despite being April the town was bustling with guests as well as locals on their daily routine.  

I headed home via the car ferry and made it back to The Meadfoot Bay to start my evening shift. This was just a tiny little sample of what Torquay, Torbay and Devon have to offer and I just feel so grateful for where I am lucky enough to live. If you are coming to Torquay or Devon soon and want some local advice feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.


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