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Due to the architecture of our old building and lack of lift we cannot describe ourselves as suitable for those whose mobility is impaired. However we do find some guests find our ground floor bedroom suitable for their needs. Please do call us on 01803 294 722 and we'll be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • Entrance to Meadfoot is via a sloping drive 

  • Parking spaces are marked with white lines

  • The car park  has a flat gravel surface and is lit at night

  • The front entrance is wide and level and is negotiable by wheelchair 

  • Needless to say we offer assistance with luggage


Main Entrance & Reception

  • Reception, library, bar lounge and restaurant are all on the ground floor and accessible by wheelchair

  • The floor is level and carpeted and or bare floorboards


Public Areas

  • There is a unisex WC on the ground floor with no steps it is not however wheelchair accessible


Brasserie, Bar lounge & Library

  • All bar drinks are served in the public rooms with full waiter service. 

  • Most chairs are without arms although chairs with arms are available

  • There is background music in the brasserie

  • The is full waiter service

  • The lounge is made up of large single armchairs and sofas with low level, small coffee tables



  • One bedroom is located on the ground floor however it is not wheelchair accessible. It has a large ensuite bathroom with a walk in shower

  • All other bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with walk in showers but are on the first or second floors to which access is only possible by stairs

  • The fire alarm system is sonic and does not have flashing lights. 

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