The Queen of crime

Born and bred in Torquay, Agatha Christie is without doubt our most famous Torquinian (no we didn't make that up). She needs no further introduction except to say there are various touch points of her life in Torquay and South Devon, many of which can still be seen.


They say crime doesn't pay, but in the case of Agatha Christie, this beautiful home set above the Dart river is proof that maybe sometimes the reverse is true! Agatha is perhaps Torquay's most famous resident, indeed she was born and raised here. She bought the house in 1938 and lived there until her death in 1976. It sits in beautiful gardens and boasts its own boathouse down on the banks of the River Dart, visit Greenway and you'll understand why she described it as "the loveliest place in the world". It's furnished with many original items and is intended to leave the visitor feeling as if the author has just popped out. Fan or not of her crime writing, the house and grounds are well worth a visit. For an added touch of period charm, you can even arrive by steam train as the house has its own station stop, Greenway Halt. 

Greenway Road, Galmpton, Devon, TQ5 0ES

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Agatha Christie Literary Trail

Tracking down the local landmarks that featured in Agatha's life on the English Riviera will keep you busy for a day or more. From the Imperial and Grand Hotels, visits to which featured regularly in her life, as did swimming on Meadfooot beach! Click on the link below and you'll find more about how you can follow in her fascinating footsteps and the many references she made to the area in her novels.

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The Meadfoot Bay   Meadfoot Sea Road   Torquay TQ1 2LQ

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