The Shag Rock story started in December 2020. The wind was gusting force seven. Occasional showers swept across Meadfoot Beach. Waves crashing against the small outcrop lying in the bay. Undeterred four folk went foraging in search of botanicals. After some hours their mission was complete. The basis for The Meadfoot Bay's exclusive house gin was born.

Shag Rock uses vapour infusion to gently extract the flavour from our chosen botanicals which produces a smoother tasting spirit.  We also use one shot distillation which means what you get is simply the result of the infusion process with nothing added apart from the pure Dartmoor water which is used to dilute the spirit. After distillation we allow our gin to rest for several weeks before bottling by hand and numbering each bottle. The process is measured, unhurried to ensure consistent quality with every distillation.


The result is distinctive, dry, refreshingly aromatic nose with a hint of citrus notes. A landmark gin which reflects its place of conception. Beautiful, sometimes ethereal Meadfoot Beach and the silent sentinel that guards its entrance. Shag Rock.

Needless to say Shag Rock can be enjoyed in the bar or as a lasting momento of your stay you can buy a bottle to take with you. And should, you, perish the the thought, run out before you return, replacements can be ordered from our online store at