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Exclusively Meadfoot

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Not that we encourage doing anything to excess, but we do like to do what we do well. So ask yourself how many hotels do you know that can boast not just one but two of their own award winning gins? Well we do and very proud we are of it too. Shag Rock Gin was first released in the summer of '21 and followed shortly thereafter by a sibling, Shag Rock Navy and in just over one year they have garnered both regional, national and international awards. 


The Shag Rock story started one rather inclement afternoon in December 2020. The wind was gusting force seven. Occasional showers swept across Meadfoot Beach. Waves crashing against the small outcrop lying in the bay. Undeterred four folk went foraging in search of botanicals. After some hours their mission was complete. The basis for The Meadfoot Bay's exclusive house gin was born. From the bay we took wild sorrel, fennel, sea buckthorn and then added coriander, angelica, Macedonian juniper, lemon verbena, heather, lemon peel and water from Dartmoor.

The first result is a distinctive, dry, refreshingly aromatic nose with a hint of citrus notes. A landmark gin which reflects its place of conception. Beautiful, sometimes ethereal Meadfoot Beach and the silent sentinel that guards its entrance. Shag Rock.

Not content with our first foray and one might say flushed with success, we looked to broaden our thinking and add a stronger sibling to the family and so Shag Rock Navy (57%) was born. Unusually for a navy strength gin, we took a different route to many gin producers in that rather than simply add less water to the original Shag Rock to arrive at a navy strength, we developed a different, distinctive taste profile with slightly stronger tones of fennel and coriander. But the proof of the pudding is in the drinking! 

Needless to say Shag Rock can be enjoyed in the bar or as a lasting momento of your stay you can buy a bottle to take with you. And should, you, perish the the thought, run out before you return, replacements can be ordered from our online store at


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