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arrive as a guest - leave as a friend

We arrived in Meadfoot Bay in April 2017 with a recipe in mind. First take years of marketing experience working with companies great and small in the travel and leisure sectors, ranging from hotels to airlines, airports to tourist authorities. Add to that the good fortune of having stayed in some of the loveliest boutique hotels and B&Bs you could rest your head in (mind you it wasn't all a bed of roses, we've stayed in some stinkers too!). Then over time into the mix have entered Marcio our General Manager,  Anna his number two and of course last but not least. Head Chef Callum Tasker whose CV includes four years working with local Michelin star winner Simon Hulstone at the Elephant and the bay's other renowned restaurateur Mitch Tonks. Stir thoroughly and things start to get interesting!


A real Riviera experience

"Torquay has been crying out for this style of luxury boutique hotel for years! It’s decorated beautifully, the staff are friendly and engaged and the breakfast was a bounty of delicious local and home made produce."


Over the course of the winter of 2017/18, we worked towards creating the next generation Meadfoot Bay. Somewhere that we hope will, in its own modest way, surprise and delight in equal measure. A boutique hotel that is more than the sum of the parts. Comfortable. Relaxed. Friendly. A place where you can kick off your shoes and treat like a home from home. But equally one that is stylish enough to make you feel you're somewhere special (otherwise there'd be no point leaving home would there?). 


Have we succeeded? Only you can tell. Are we getting there? Please let us know. Will we give up trying? Never.

Believe us the hospitality business can be a tricky mistress. But every day we are lucky enough to welcome lovely people to Meadfoot Bay. People who arrive as guests. Leave as friends. How fortunate are we? 

Phil Harnett & Vicki Osborne

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